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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Keys to Success as a Human Resources professional

Know the business – have intimate knowledge of the mechanics of your business. Understand the vernacular, anachronisms, strategy and the preferred implementation methods.

Know what is confidential – Sharing of information is encouraged, but be sure the individuals receiving the information have a need to know. Information should help others meet business objectives.

Model Tri-level communication – Be an example of effective communication. Relate equally well with managers, peers and front-line employees.

Correlate organizational systems – Awareness of the interconnectivity between organizational systems is necessary. Make sure your business plan, recruiting plan, training plan, retention plan and reward mechanisms all mesh together with a singular focus.

Practice transactional excellence – the ability to process information with a seamless organized approach has critical impact upon the organization

Create policies, guidelines and programs – which are consistent with overall business objectives. Don’t confuse great program design with absolute program need.

Maintain an understanding – of the latest technologies, resources and legislation. Don’t put yourself in the position of expecting others to be responsible for your personal development.

Responsibility, Recognition and Reward – Understand what motivates individuals to reach exceptional levels of performance. Remember that reward takes many forms in additional to financial gain.

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