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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Finding the "Right" Candidate Painlessly

If you find searching Job Boards and reviewing candidates one by one a tiresome, time consuming and painful process, there is a solution. If you're not getting the results you want using social media as a way to network your company to the talent you require...there is another way.

Let the candidate come to you and in doing so tell you how interested and qualified he/she is for your position, before you generate your first phone contact.

Interested in knowing more?

After years spent in recruiting for every type of job from tax accountant to EVP of Manufacturing, your Author created a software product that allows the user to save all the time previously spent wading through resumes submitted by unqualified candidates.

It's called an "Inbox Reader" and it lets the user go to a job board, conduct a search using fairly broad criteria and export the candidates that are found. Once exported, this software can automatically send each person identified, an e-mail invitation to view the details of the available position as well as the reasons why a qualified person would want to consider this opening.

If the candidate is interested, he/she can immediately apply to the company by completing an on-line questionnaire that contains all the criteria the user wants and needs to identify the "right" person for their job. The user can ask questions about education, work experience, skills and background. In addition the user can ask "Yes"/"No" questions and questions which require text answers that provide additional insight to the candidate's qualifications and attitudes. (You know, the kinds of questions that you ask during phone pre-screening calls, which are a pain to make!)

Once the candidate has completed the questionnaire, he/she simply submits their responses. The software then ranks each candidate's answers based on the required/desired criteria that the user initially set up.

The "inbox reader" is a snap to set up, easy to use and the results will save the user a huge chunk of time with no need to review unqualified applicants

When candidates are referred through any of the social media site, the referral can be sent a URL that will take them to the explanation of the position and give the referral the ability to apply on-line if he/she is interested and qualified.

Using the inbox reader and on-line questionnaire can save a user 60% or more of the cost and time spent using traditional recruiting methods. Just ask anyone currently using this solution!
  1. Your information is right. In like the way of doing this just talk about the things the interviewee don’t want to talk about and get hyper. This thing will take his inner actual things out. And you will exactly know what sort of the person he is. Then you can use him according to his ability.


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